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Shadows of the Pandemic: Hidden Voices

On Tuesday, November 7, on the chamber stage of SNG Maribor, we held an audition for the play The Activists, which is being created as part of the Shadows of the Pandemic: Hidden Voices project. We invited women workers from the field of culture who are interested in the experiences of others in this segment and who have no problem sharing their own experiences and impressions, regardless of what they are or do in the cultural sector (accountant, actress, dresser, director, business secretary, producer )

The auditions with the director of the play Selma Spahić and the dramaturg of the project Ivana Vuković were attended by candidates with several decades of experience in the field of culture. The atmosphere was pleasant, relaxed and motivated, with the goal to discover different profiles of female workers that would fit the concept of the show.

The emerging performance is part of an omnibus, which will consist of three parts/performances and will be performed in Maribor, Zagreb, Belgrade, and two other foreign countries.