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The first workshop was held in Zagreb on November 22 in ZKM Theater. The workshop held by project mentor and dramaturge Ivana Vuković, alongside pedagogue Grozdana Lajić was attended by 20 young members of the ZKM Theatre College. The workshop consisted of two phases: presentation of the entire project and the Open Call for the dramatic text. The second phase was focused on the practical implementation of participants’ knowlage of preproduction process and  dramaturge’s task of writting the text for the play, so at the end of the workshop they went through experience of playwrigting and developing a team concept for what was to be a future play.

The theatre workshop in Maribor was led by Mateja Kokol (theatre director and educator) and Ivana Vuković. The participants were also young people, 18 of them, pupils from two secondery schools in Maribor and Ljutomer. In the first fase of the workshop the goal was to creat coherent group ready to freely articulate their thoughts on the topics related to the project. In the process of exchanging  oppinions they played the roles of a writer and dramaturge, thus developing their own concept of performance.

Workshop in Belgrade was attended by 20 participants, aged from 14 to 18 years. Besides Ivana Vuković, the workshop was held by Ivan Baletić, theatre director and drama pedagogue from Belgrade, author of the documentary theatre project for youth ‘Utopia’ produced by Little theatre Dusko Radović. Participants were divided in the groups, all with the same task of creating the storyboard based on the chosen photo material and the presented topic. In the end each group delivered a unique interesting theatre project- communicating with the topic of violence against women, isolation and pandemic and presenting their work through classical theatre, contemporary dance, film, and nonverbal theatre installation.