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The second round of workshops, based on understanding of the form, this time started  in Maribor (SNG).  Led by again by Mateja Kokol (theatre director and educator), Ivana Vuković (dramaturg), and also Mojca Redjko (theater pedagogue) it gathered same participants (20 altogether) from secondary schools in Maribor and Ljutomer. Mentors focused on the student’s previous work and developing of dramatic concept from the material created on the first workshop.

In similar manner workshop in Zagreb focused on introducing participants to the forms of dramatic and post-dramatic texts through material gathered during first workshop. They explored dramatic characters, voices, faces and took part in collaborative writing followed by analysis of the material and final editing. Workshop was held under guidance of ZKM’s pedagogue Grozdana Lajić.

Second workshop in Belgrade was also constructed as follow-up of the first meeting with participants (20 of them) given the task of writing one short scene based on their storyboard from the previous meeting and following basic rules of dramaturgy. Workshop was conducted by Ivan Baletić.