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The Production Process Workshop, fourth so far, took aim at presenting to the participants the rehearsal process, thereby providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the entire production lifecycle.

Workshop in Zagreb (ZKM), led again by Grozdana Lajić, pedagogue, Ivana Vuković, dramaturge, and Selma Spahić, director of the omnibus, gathered twenty young participants who were given the opportunity to observe a rehearsal, followed by an insightful discussion led by the director. This exercise offered them a glimpse into the dynamic and often tentative stages of production, exposing to them creative process’s trials and errors. Being the “first audience” of the new play, their observations were particularly valuable to the director and dramaturg who found it to be of significant relevance to the ongoing development of the play.

Selma Spahić (director of the omnibus), Ivana Vuković (dramaturge),  Mateja Kokol (theatre director and educator) and Katja Gorečan (author of the dramatic text) conducted another successful workshop in SNG Maribor, with 20 participants form secondary schools in Maribor and Ljutomer who were introduced to set design (props) and also had the opportunity to watch the performance after which they engaged in discussion with the director, dramaturg, and author of the text, where they talked about the creation of the play (the process of adaptation, why and how certain decisions were made, etc.). The participants especially liked seeing the set design up close and getting information on how was it developed.

In Belgrade (BDP) Selma Spahić, director, Ivana Vuković, dramaturge and Ivan Baletić, pedagogue worked wit twenty young participants. They discussed what they saw at the rehearsal since they gathered close insights into the fragile part of the process, when everything is not yet finalized and set up to the end. After they approached the text from the inside once again, they got the assignment of  interpreting it as actors. Their feedback after was extremely valuable as they were the “first audience”. This workshop confirmed that every production is a two-way process in which participants need to listen and understand each other.