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During March third round of very successful workshops with young people was being held in ZKM, SNG and BDP. Third workshop dealt with artistic process and development of the play.

Group of young participants in Zagreb, this time during two-day workshop, was once again mentored by ZKM’s pedagogue Grozdana Lajić and dramaturge Ivana Vuković, and also this time with participation of Selma Spahić, director, and Kristina Kegljen, author of the awarded dramatic text. Participants engaged in close reading of the dramatic text and in conversation about read so they could establish the understanding. Afterwards they were invited to try themselves in improvisational acting based on what they read. The participants showed an incredible readiness for improvisation, as well as remarkable ability to connect with the text. The also had many relevant and interesting questions especially for the author, about the text as well as the writing process itself. In the end the third workshop in Zagreb turned out to be quite important for the creative team of the performance because it worked as brainstorming process for analysis of the text, while through improvisations it opened several questions important for staging of the dramatic text.

Workshop held in Maribor was also led by permanent team: Mateja Kokol (theatre director and educator), Ivana Vuković (dramaturge), Mojca Redjko (pedagogue), and this time in addition with Selma Spahić (director of the omnibus) and Katja Gorečan (author of the text The Activists). The pupils from secondary schools in Maribor and Ljutomer  participated in theatre games for creativity warm-up, vocal warm-up, body warm-up, after which they focused on reading and analysis of the text The Activists, followed by the tasks of associate writing and editing. During the second day they also tried themselves in improvisation which turned up to be activity they loved the most.


Group of young in Belgrade took part in very constructive discussion about the development of the omnibus based on awarded dramatic text “The world deserves to End” by Tijana Grumić. Author herself, together with the director Selma Spahić and project dramaturge Ivana Vuković mentored the group. Group’s participation was evolved around reading of the dramatic text and constructing of the performance so on the following day they staged parts of the text.

Once again, workshops turned up to be wonderful and unique experience, not only for young participants, but also their mentors.