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I have a question regarding the Shadow Pandemic project, that is, the very predispositions of the contest. It is stated there that the text must be in Slovenian, Croatian or Serbian, which excludes the possibility of applying for fellow playwrights who write in the Bosnian language.

The competition for new dramatic texts announced as part of the Shadow Pandemic: Hidden Voices project has a formal requirement that the submitted texts must be written in Slovenian, Croatian or Serbian, and women writers from the countries listed in Chapter 1 of the general propositions of the competition can apply. The determination of the applicable languages of the texts is due to the need to structure the content of the competition, and the three languages were chosen according to the languages that are official in the partner countries of the project and in which the production of plays is planned as part of the project activities – Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. The expansion of the formal criteria of the competition, such as the language of the submitted texts, is not foreseen by this project, however texts that can be identified as written in Slovenian, Croatian or Serbian will be able to compete in the selection.

No emancipation?!! Why can only female authors participate???!

Female authors only can participate in the competition because the Shadow Pandemic: Hidden Voices project aims, in addition to raising awareness about the escalation of violence against women as one of the acute problems of today and educating young people, to encourage contemporary female dramatic creativity.